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Our history

Our founders, Mauro Souza-Filho and David Do Vale, were both born in the city of Belém in the Amazon, and their dream was to bring the best and most authentic tasting açaí brand to the US. 

After many trials and years of development, together they created a special 100% natural and vegan formula that tastes just like the fresh açaí they used to have as children. 


Their efforts have paid off, giving birth to a business model that produces the most authentic açaí bowl available in a fraction of the time it takes to make a blended bowl. All with the same flavor, texture and consistency, in every bowl all day long.

Product quality

LongTail has its own team in the Amazon overlooking every step of the production process. From the harvest, selection of the berries, extraction of the juice to the packaging of the final product. Everything is follow up closely by the trained eyes of our local team.

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Environmentally friendly

Most of the açaí commercialized in the world is sold in small 3.53oz plastic sachets. Think about the huge impact this has in the environment. We don’t do that! Our product comes in metalized 3kg (105.82oz) bags that can be pour directly into our soft-serve machine. We also have 5kg (176.37oz) carton boxes of ready to serve açaí. All you have to do is to scoop it up from the box and serve.

Our place. Our home.

This incredible forest has always kept the world's attention and It couldn’t be different. In addition to its obvious importance, being the largest tropical rain forest with the biggest biodiversity and the largest volume of fresh water on the planet, the Amazon is also considered to be the richest place on planet earth. Unfortunately, all this wealth has attracted the wrong type of investments and the result is deforestation and the depreciation of its most valuable resource, its biodiversity. We hope that our company can serve as proof that it is possible to explore and profit from the rain forest, respecting and protecting not only its fauna and flora, but also its people and culture. We couldn’t do it differently, after all, this amazing “green planet” is also the place we are very proud to call home.

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