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LongTail soft serve acai concept was designed to expedite the acai bowl service to your customers. Great taste, speed and consistency one bowl at a time.

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What is açaí?

Acai (pronounced ( ah-sigh-EE ) is a fruit that grows on the Acai Palm Trees in the Amazon Rainforest of Brazil...


Is it ice-cream?

No, LongTail açaí is not an ice-cream or a sorbet. LongTail açaí is pure and packs all the incredible nutrients...

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What's in the formula?

Açaí pulp, Filtered Water, Organic Sugar, Guarana extract...


Why LongTail?

The name LongTail was inspired on the spider monkey from the Amazon...


Can I be a reseller?

Would you like to join our team of partners...


Can it be blended?

The LongTail formula was designed to be served straight up, but it can...

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